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Khan's Hospitality Services has been proudly catering to the culinary needs of Melbourne for more than 30 years.  From small & intimate functions to unforgettable large scale events, we've done it all.  

Proudly, we come from one of the oldest hospitality families in Australia.

Khan's Hospitality Services first entered Melbourne's culinary scene during the early 60's with their first restaurant being opened on Chapel St whilst the bubbling food industry was in its infancy. Owning & operating highly respected restaurants from Italian, Moroccan, European, modern Indian cuisines and over the last 30 years, through demand, we entered into the field of catering and event management.

Khan's Hospitality Services is now run by the next generation of culinary professionals that continue on the tradition and passion for the industry.

Our business has evolved to be a multi-faceted hospitality service, not only do we offer full catering services, but we also offer Hospitality Consulting for retail solutions, restaurant, cafe and venue management.


Our collective experience in all parts of the industry ensures your next event is delivered with flair, imagination and passion.  Our team of a highly experienced and dedicated chefs, function and event managers are true career hospitality professionals.

Your taste, your vision and your passion is what drives us.


With a diversity of cuisine’s and international tastes, our Executive Chef and the team bring a world of talent and pride to the plate, delivering memorable feasts and culinary bursts of flavour to each and every event. With a genuine love of all things food.

Cuisine is a passion and a reflection of dedication on a plate. Our knowledgeable catering team are professional, experienced and dedicated to excellence to ensure your catering needs are met.



Cocktail Dinner/Fundraising Events/Breakfast/

Product Launch/Government/Off-Site Catering, you name it, we can do it!

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Wedding/Engagement with family friends and fine food, it is what

we are all about. 

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Birthdays/Christenings/Christmas Parties/BBQs.

Your catering needs menus, creative design, and detailed event and planning all organised. 

Khan's Hospitality has access to venues available to suit every occasion.

E. admin@khanshs.com

Ph. 0410-422-510

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